Hear what Arthur Wallis had to say on being daring in prayer:

We can imagine the feelings of someone with exceptional power and ability, who is compelled to stand by inactive and watch another struggle in weakness and incompetence to fulfil some task that he could willingly do for him in an instant.  It must be torture indeed to possess extraordinary powers and not be given the opportunity to exercise them.  How often do we keep the Almighty standing by in silent inactivity, with all the power of the universe in His hands, yearning to intervene, to demonstrate His power and reveal His glory; while we toy with spiritual things, earthbound in our thinking, working and praying!  Well might the Lord say of us: “oh that My people would hearken unto Me. …I should soon subdue their enemies, and turn My hand against their adversaries”… A daring faith does not stagger at the promises of God; a daring faith can open the windows of heaven for revival; a daring faith delights the heart of God.

My pastor this morning added a warning to counter this sense of daring; sometimes Christians can pray for things that are way beyond their capability and anointing.  There is a difference in praying a prayer that is in the Almighty’s arena to respond to; “Turn the heart of my brother to yield to Your Lordship, Jesus”, and in praying a prayer that somehow seems to rely on our authority: “In Jesus’ name, storm, be still!”  Yes, the Lord had that kind of authority.  Yes, he has given all authority to us in His name.  But ONLY to glorify God.

I am re-reading Wallis’ fabulous ‘In the Day of Thy Power’.  I cannot think of another book on revival that is so winsomely, earnestly and richly written.  I keep on stumbling over excerpts from wonderful revivals within it.  I may include in the next blogpost some of the revival quotations that head the chapters up.  In the meantime can I add a link to ‘The Herald of His Coming’ here:  http://www.heraldofhiscoming.com/other/home.htm.  Here you will find a stirring back-catalogue of mostly brief, but all hard-hitting, exhortations to revival, to prayer, to service for His glory.

‘I will pour water on him who is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground.’